Great to meet you 👋

I'm Dorna, a Lead Product Designer based in San Francisco. I'm currently spending my days designing website management software at Pantheon. I drive end-to-end product design processes on several major company initiatives, and also mentor the rest of the team. Outside of my full-time commitments, I choreograph and manage the website for Ayande Company, a small business I started with my best friends. In my spare time I cook lots of pizza, play board games and pet every dog I can find.

My background
My journey to design was not typical. My career didn't begin in UX, but I've always been a heavy user advocate. At Lyft, I helped grow the Customer Support team, focusing on team training, mentoring and copywriting. I also co-managed a CRM migration and helped develop a product improvement program using methods such as customer journey maps and user interviews. More recently, I was a Customer Success Manager at Helpshift, where my scope of work ranged from product education (planning webinars, copywriting and executing email drips), to account management (managing renewals and upsells for over 100 accounts.

Just before joining Sapling, I enrolled in an intense design apprenticeship, where I was able to complete a more formalized design training under the guidance of seasoned designers. I learned what it meant to be a problem solver, and how to reframe my past experience and accrued skillset into a process that results in polished, thoughtful products.